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Service Overview


FeedFreshPlus is a blend of sulfur compounds, enzymes and sugars. Upon contact with moisture of feeds, the sulfur compounds will reduce oxidation, mold and heating. The enzymes promote a stable environment for beneficial bacteria. Stable feed remains fresh longer and will improve palatability.

With this product, you will see less oxidation and heating along with reduced effects of dry matter losses, and a more stable feed. Each of these will help to improve aroma, feed acceptance and nutrient retention. When fed with a combination of good feed practices, FeedFreshPlus will help maximize your livestock production.

Benefits of using FeedFreshPlus


  • Economical
  • Helps Eliminate Mold
  • Reduces Heating and Oxidation
  • More Palatable Feed
  • Increased Nutrient Retention
  • Fresh smelling sweet feeds
  • Reduced sorting of feeds and forage
  • Reduces Metabolic Stress in Animals
  • Stabilizes Feed

Application Rate: 2 lbs/ton of finished feed

FeedFreshPlus is an exclusive product of Advanced Preservative Systems.

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