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Service Overview


EverGreen is a synthetic blend of sulfur compounds that are proven safe for animals. On contact with moisture in the bale, the select sulfur compounds are activated to tie up oxygen impeding the growth of mold and yeast. EverGreen will reduce oxygen in the bale preventing heat and caramelizing.

EverGreen by Advanced Preservative Systems will aid in baling hay earlier resulting in leafier more nutritious feed. EverGreen is a proven product allowing you to bale at, or below 25% moisture.

Benefits of using EverGreen


  • Economical
  • Helps Eliminate Mold
  • Bale Hay Sooner
  • More Palatable
  • Reduces Heating
  • Increased Dry Matter Retention
  • Leafier & More Nutritious
  • Fresher Smell & Less Refusal
  • Fresher Baled Hay Aroma
  • Better Hay Tests

Application Rate: 2 lbs/ton of baled hay at 25% moisture or less

EverGreen is an exclusive product of Advanced Preservative Systems.

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